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We are a safe, nonjudgmental environment and treat our patients with kindness and respect. We have a safe and comfortable facility near the center of Houston and provide abortion services to those in need. You will be treated fairly and with respect at our women's clinic. Call us today for an appointment.

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Real Reviews by Real Patients
"I have been to this particular facility two times and both experiences were incredibly comfortable as well as professional. There is no other Dr. that is as thorough with his job. He makes the entire experience go by quickly and I couldn't express my gratitude in words for him as well as the entire medical staff. Everyone is very friendly and caring. The staff as well as the Dr. are the best team. I would highly recommend this place over any other- they are the best of the best. I appreciate everything they have done for me. If honest care is what you are looking for, this is where you should be. Amazing people." -Amy, 38
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"At my initial appointment I was so nervous. I cried after my ultrasound, but was met with the sweetest words and comfort. At my appointment a few days later I was met with the same respect. The Doctor assured me that this was a real surgical center and that they cared. And they do. I hope to never be back but if I had to go thru this again- this is where I will come. Thank you for providing a safe space in the middle of the South." -SCB, 22
Real Reviews by Real People
"My experience was very good with this doctor. I had the anesthesia procedure and I didn't feel a thing. The nurses were attentive and very helpful. The process was very professional, thank you very much. Very fancy procedure." - JS
Real Reviews by Real People
I brought my daughter to this clinic today for a surgical abortion, and I was EXTREMELY impressed with the level of professionalism, compassion, and care she received. The overall experience was outstanding! Living in Texas, it is very difficult to find a clinic since there are so few left, and sadly the majority of the ones that remain open get away with providing a much lower standard of care. Also, Aaron Women’s Clinic was the ONLY clinic that had a Board Certified anesthesiologist to provide a true “deep sedation” which resulted in a completely painless, comfortable procedure. Most other clinics advertise IV sedation, twilight sedation or moderate sedation, but none of these are true deep sedation. Full general anesthesia requires intubation and mechanical breathing assistance. With deep sedation, the patient can breathe on their own, does not have pain, and experiences amnesia so they have no recall of the procedure. We had attempted to have the procedure performed at a different clinic in Houston. My daughter had the sonogram performed there, and then on the procedure day they called me after 3 hours to tell me they could not perform the abortion. Although they advertised IV sedation, they gave my daughter 14 different pills to take by mouth. They never informed me she would be receiving any oral medication. She experienced an adverse reaction to these medications and ultimately they were unable to complete the procedure. Although my daughter did not receive the IV medication, the oral sedatives (a benzo combo) alone left her unconscious and unable to be roused for 26 hours after she was given the pills. After spending multiple days researching clinics, it was immediately apparent from the first phone call with Aaron Clinic that this clinic was in a league of its own, and our experience there was 100 % different from the experience we had at the other clinic. The entire office staff from the receptionist to the nurse and doctors were friendly, accommodating, and truly concerned for my daughter‘s well-being. Since my daughter is a minor (17), they allowed me to accompany her to the exam room. During our first meeting with the doctor. despite the fact that the clinic was extremely busy, we never once felt rushed, and the doctor took a very thorough and complete medical history. He carefully reviewed and discussed my daughter’s other health issues and medications. He took his time and went over absolutely everything. with us. I was immediately comforted by his years of experience, bedside manner, and knowledge. His wife also works in the clinic, I believe she is the practice manager, and she was absolutely amazing! Everything was very clean and sterile, and they strictly adhered to all state laws/requirements. This pregnancy was a rare and unexpected event since It occurred since my daughter had an IUD that was in place when she learned she was pregnant. Although I do not anticipate our family having the need for their services again in the future, I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone in need of an abortion. Fortunately, we only live 45 minutes away, but if you live many hours away, it would be well worth the travel time to receive this level of medical care!
Real Reviews by Real People
"Me gusto mucho el trato del personal, todos son muy amables. Si recomendaría a otras personas que asisten a esta clínica." - FM, 20
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"I would just like to say that after 40 years, having to go through this was very hard but the team here made it so easy and convenient. Every one from the doctor to receptionist were absolutely wonderful and made me feel comfortable. The procedure went great with no complications. I thank them for their service they provide." - CM, 40
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"This place was excellent. Everyone was very kind. Everyone took very good care of me. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone seeking services." - DS, 37
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"Great service! Every nurse as there for me every step of the way. No pain and I don't remember anything. I would highly recommend. I went to Houston Women's Clinic and will never go there again. I don't recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and staff." - DR
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"Good smooth process and everyone made me feel very comfortable. Everybody was great, made it a lot easier. Everything was explained in detail so I knew what to expect which made me feel better about the procedure. I would recommend the facility to anyone in need. Very clean and sanitary." - NA
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"The staff was great. Every single one of them. The service was exceptional. They created a family feel- I was taken care of by family if you ask me." -WS
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"Sisters and Brothers of our great country- the United States of America. I am a single mother of 3 daughters, and I was the fourth born of five children in Oklahoma City, OK. I had never had an abortion procedure. The staff was great! Perfect in knowing and over-deserving of a "superb" compliment. Even the Doctor. Scale of 1-10 is 100%. I can't thank you enough, now my fears are gone. Taking good care of myself is now my 1st priority." - JB
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"This staff is excellent. Kelly and Shelby did such a great job of making sure I felt okay and did whatever they could to help me. Also, Linda did such a good job of inserting my IV- I usually have a lot of trouble with my veins and she found one so fast and so painlessly. The whole staff is great and friendly. If I could give this place 6 stars I would." - SW, 23
Real Reviews by Real Patients
"Excellent service. Staff took there time and was attentive, warm and welcoming. Dr. K is amazing. He treats you like family and knows what he's doing." - PH
Real Reviews by Real People
"I love this place, I love the staff- they made me feel so at home. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Linda are the light of this center. I would recommend this place to anyone." - AC, 22
Real Reviews by Real People
"The girls were very nice and helpful since the beginning. They take good care of you and the place is very clean." - NG
Real Reviews by Real People
"Staff was very nice and helpful from my first day of scheduling up until my departure. I felt like I was with family and that these ladies truly cared. I am happy that I chose this clinic and will recommend them to anyone in need of care"
Real Reviews by Real People
"I had a wonderful experience here at Aaron Women's Clinic. The staff was absolutely wonderful and respectful, including the surgeon who was also very respectful and hardworking. Please make sure you come to this facility if you need assistance with anything." KP
Real Reviews by Real People
"I am very grateful for this place. They are very nice, the doctor is the best and I would tell anyone to come to this location. I would come again if I ever have to." MC

Abortion Surgical Options

Early surgical abortion is a very safe and effective method, complications are extremely rare and the risk of injury or infections is minimal. If you have any questions about the services we provide please call us for an appointment to discuss your options for non surgical or surgical abortions.

Abortion Pill

The advantage of a medical abortion is that you can avoid having a surgical procedure, and you may go through the process with a few visits in the comfort of your own home. This non-surgical termination abortion is available in Houston and requires an appointment. Call us today to learn more about the Abortion Pill.

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Late-Term Abortion Options

Pregnancies up to 6 weeks can be terminated in an ambulatory surgery center by initially placing the cervix in advance dilatation which it gently opens. Our Houston location can accommodate Late Term Abortions. If you have any questions we encourage you to call us to set up an appointment.

Birth Control

The advantage of a medical abortion is that you can avoid having a surgical procedure, and you may go through the process with a few visits in the comfort of your own home.

Abortion Clinic Services

See why our facilities are the safest and most respected abortion clinics in Texas. Our facilities and amenities are second to none

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Somos un entorno seguro, sin prejuicios y tratamos a nuestros pacientes con amabilidad y respeto.