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Our women’s health care centers offer first and second trimester outpatient pregnancy terminations. We are the ONLY FACILITY in South Texas able to perform abortion procedures up to 20 weeks. Our medical team includes experienced gynecologists, anesthesiologists and certified licensed anesthetists, mid-level practitioners, nurses, counselors, and medical assistants. All staff are highly trained and committed to providing the very best health care

Aaron Women's Clinic

Aaron Women’s Abortion Clinic

2505 N. Shepherd Drive Houston, Texas 77008713-272-6900 
Our facility is truly the “specialist in the specialty”. We are the “FIRST AND ONLY” Surgical Center in Texas devoted exclusively to providing women’s comprehensive reproductive health care. We are the ONLY facility in Houston and Southeast Texas able to provide abortion services from 4 to 20 weeks. “Look to the Leader” is synonymous with Aaron Women’s Center. We were the FIRST facility in Texas providing Deep Pain Free Sedation on a daily basis. We were the FIRST facility in Texas to have a licensed anesthesia staff. We are the ONLY Physician owned facility in Texas providing both first and second trimester outpatient terminations up to 20 weeks. You will receive the best of medical treatment and individualized care from our qualified medical staff. The majority of our staff have been with our Founder/Medical Director for ten plus years providing the finest services in a caring atmosphere that is supportive, professional and confidential. Our very modern reproductive health care facilities are licensed by the Texas Department of Health. We take pride in the thousands of women who have been provided our services and in our record of medical safety, which has earned a national and an international reputation of quality care and trust.
8363 Meadow Road Dallas, Texas 75231214-890-0015
Northpark Medical Group has the distinction of being the foremost and preeminent provider of first and second trimester abortion services up to 15 weeks in the Dallas area. Following in this tradition Northpark Medical Group is the only facility in the Dallas area having a DIRECT affiliation with an AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTER thus enabling women over 15 weeks into a pregnancy to have these procedures performed in Texas without having to travel out of state for their healthcare.
The Medical Director of Northpark Medical Group is a Board Certified Gynecologist and a fellow in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FACOG) He was a leader in the development of women’s reproductive services in the Dallas area. He has been instrumental in the training of numerous other physicians who currently provide these same services in the metropolitan area. Our facility was the first to provide procedures as early as 4 weeks and is the only facility in the Dallas area providing “PAIN FREE” anesthesia on a daily basis. Northpark is dedicated to providing you with superior medical care in a comfortable environment that respects your right to the medical treatment of your choice.

Medical Abortion Doctor

Your Comfort and Safety Come First
The Founder/Medical Director of Aaron Women’s Clinic and Surgical Abortion Center is a pioneer in the development of women’s reproductive services. He is included in a very small elite group of physicians that have developed the expertise to perform pregnancy terminations through the second trimester. The highly skilled gynecologist personally manages the medical care of each patient on 24 hour basis from initial examination, treatment and observation through discharge. It is the goal of our physicians to provide individualized quality medical care. At our locations across Texas, our doctor’s ensure your comfort and safety are a high priority.


Pain-Free Procedure
Our facilities in both Houston and Dallas have a full time licensed anesthesia staff and offer general (pain free) anesthesia on a daily basis. This medication is extremely effective in eliminating all discomfort which also increases the safety of the procedure.

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