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Beware of “Free Women Clinics”

At our Women’s Center, we know that deciding to terminate a pregnancy is a scary and hard decision for any woman. This is why we strive to ensure every woman that walks through our doors is met with compassion, empathy, and has the most comfortable-pain free experience possible. We believe you deserve the truth: unbiased, factual, and medically accurate information about all options available to you.

We would like every woman to be careful and not fall victim to fake clinics offering free ultrasounds or pregnancy tests. More often than not, these clinics do not actually offer abortion services. Instead, they lure you in with promises of “free” only to pressure you into an alternative option with false claims.

At our Women’s Center, we have helped many women who have been deceived by these “free clinics” get the actual medical care they need and deserve.

The doctors at our Women’s Center have extensive knowledge of both medical and surgical procedures, have decades of experience, and best of all will provide you with the best option for you in a caring, nonjudgemental way.
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