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Medial Abortion Procedure

Medical (non-surgical) termination is a process where two medications are used in sequence, the first to stop the pregnancy and the second to expel it from the uterus. It takes several office visits, it is not completely predictable (the abortion usually occurs within 24 hours,), bleeding can be very heavy and cramping can be severe. Both bleeding and cramping usually last longer than with a surgical procedure. Heavy bleeding and severe cramping are not complications but a normal part of the non-surgical abortion and are to be expected. The failure rate with a non-surgical abortion is greater than with the surgical abortion and requires a surgical procedure if unsuccessful. It can be more natural, like a miscarriage, but does require that you notify and have an available support person who is aware of what you are doing, in the event you need immediate medical attention. This procedure is not recommended for patients who live further than one hour away from
the facility.

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We know it can be difficult to make reproductive healthcare choices….particularly when deciding not to continue a pregnancy. We provide women with safe, legal, and confidential services in a compassionate and supportive setting.

Abortion Procedures

Procedures are available as soon as a woman has missed her period, this eliminates unnecessary time delays and provides immediate access to health care.

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