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Patient Reviews

“I have been to this particular facility two times and both experiences were incredibly comfortable as well as professional. There is no other Dr. that is as thorough with his job. He makes the entire experience go by quickly and I couldn’t express my gratitude in words for him as well as the entire medical staff. Everyone is very friendly and caring. The staff as well as the Dr. are the best team. I would highly recommend this place over any other- they are the best of the best. I appreciate everything they have done for me. If honest care is what you are looking for, this is where you should be. Amazing people.” -Amy, 38 

“At my initial appointment I was so nervous. I cried after my ultrasound, but was met with the sweetest words and comfort. At my appointment a few days later I was met with the same respect. The Doctor assured me that this was a real surgical center and that they cared. And they do. I hope to never be back but if I had to go thru this again- this is where I will come. Thank you for providing a safe space in the middle of the South.” -SCB, 22

“Dr. Karpen and his staff were amazing. They made me feel comfortable, and made sure I was okay. The procedure was quick and painless- I don’t remember a thing! Everyone was amazing. I would reckoned this clinic to anyone going through this difficult experience.” -AA, 25

“This place was excellent. Everyone was very kind. Everyone took very good care of me. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone seeking services.” – DS, 37

“I would just like to say that after 40 years, having to go through this was very hard but the team here made it so easy and convenient. Every one from the doctor to receptionist were absolutely wonderful and made me feel comfortable. The procedure went great with no complications. I thank them for their service they provide.” – CM, 40

“Y’all good. I didn’t feel any pain and it was fast. They had good hospitality. Everybody was real professional and knowledgeable and knows they job. I say thank y’all very much. I came all the way from Louisiana.” – SS, 31

“Me gusto mucho el trato del personal, todos son muy amables. Si recomendaría a otras personas que asisten a esta clínica.” – FM, 20

“Sisters and Brothers of our great country- the United States of America. I am a single mother of 3 daughters, and I was the fourth born of five children in Oklahoma City, OK. I had never had an abortion procedure. The staff was great! Perfect in knowing and over-deserving of a “superb” compliment. Even the Doctor. Scale of 1-10 is 100%. I can’t thank you enough, now my fears are gone. Taking good care of myself is now my 1st priority.” – JB

“Good smooth process and everyone made me feel very comfortable. Everybody was great, made it a lot easier. Everything was explained in detail so I knew what to expect which made me feel better about the procedure. I would recommend the facility to anyone in need. Very clean and sanitary.” – NA

“Great service! Every nurse as there for me every step of the way. No pain and I don’t remember anything. I would highly recommend. I went to Houston Women’s Clinic and will never go there again. I don’t recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and staff.” – DR